Abbey Gateway welcomes new volunteers and is currently looking for some help with marketing. If you have good I.T. and social media skills and have 2 -3 hours a week to spare to support the club, please get in touch.

Below are some quotes from our Volunteers: –

“Volunteering at the club is amazing, everyone is really friendly”.

“I have volunteered at Abbey Gateway for 15 years and I love spending time with the members”.

“I have been welcomed to the team and feel very privileged to now be part of this one big happy family”.

“Volunteering at Abbey Gateway gave me the work experience I needed to change my career and I now have a job in the care sector”.

“Abbey Gateway is a great place to meet now people and have fun on a Friday evening”.

“Abbey Gateway provides training opportunities for the volunteers and completes a DBS check for you free of charge”.

“I volunteer at Abbey Gateway because I like to help people who are less fortunate than I am. I have ideas and activities that I share with the club members and this makes me feel good and give the members new opportunities”.

“Abbey Gateway can reimburse and out of pocket expenses or travel costs incurred while volunteering at the club”.